Way to be timely, City of Houston

Two City of Houston employees came by the house today.

Callie informs that they wanted “to inspect the windows and sign off on the permit.”

Ummm, what?

After further inquiry, Callie ascertained that they were talking about the replacement windows we had installed shortly after moving in a little over THREE YEARS AGO.

Undaunted, they told her well, yes, there’s a bit of an, umm, backlog, but they could just sign off on the permit now.

They also were not particularly bothered when she told them we no longer had the permit, the work being completed YEARS AGO to our satisfaction (incidentally, we highly recommend Dan over at Famous Windows — he provides great service and an excellent product, much better than those Gulf Coast Windows/Windows World things one sees/hears advertised). The bureaucrats (plural) informed Callie they would remove us from their list. Cheerio, and all.

Isn’t that just a great example of wasteful, useless City of Houston bureaucracy in action?

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  1. steve says:

    Come resale time soeone might ask if you have the permits or ask if these were unpermitted alterations to the structure.

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