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28 November 2001

Lee Brown's America: City of the Inept

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Unfortunately, NOT an exaggeration

When I drove to work today at 7 am, the traffic signal at Richmond and Weslayan (a busy intersection -- yahoo map here) was not functioning, creating a four-way stop.

So imagine my surprise -- actually, it wasn't surprising, since this is Lee Brown's America, so let me change that -- imagine my exasperation to discover on my way home (4 pm, a full 9 hours later) the traffic signal was still not functioning, creating a dangerous four-way stop in the rainy, foggy weather.

It's hard to imagine why the traffic signal could not have been repaired in 9 hours, even in Lee Brown's America. But as we all know, sometimes electronic devices can be less than cooperative, and I could understand that. What is harder to understand is why a traffic control officer was not dispatched to direct traffic by hand during rush hour.

Lack of manpower? Nope, that's apparently not a problem. For at the next major intersection, a police officer was MANUALLY CONTROLLING THE TRAFFIC SIGNAL! Yes, that's right -- he was pushing the buttons to make a functioning automatic traffic signal turn according to his whims! And just a bit further down the road, two more officers were directing traffic in and out of Greenway Plaza (a major office complex). Yes, TWO.

Oh well. Richmond is only THE major east-west connecting road between the Galleria (part of town where I work) and Upper Kirby/Montrose (part of town where I live). It's not like traffic needs to flow, right?

I hope a lot of people sitting in what undoubtedly is a much worse traffic snarl now are undecided voters, and will let that bastard Mayor Brown know what they think of the city under his "leadership" on Saturday. In fact, that traffic signal is very close to Sanchez headquarters -- maybe someone will think to go over there and hand out Sanchez campaign materials to angry motorists. It's small consolation, but I already voted yesterday (early voting) to fire the bastard. It's also small consolation that I visited the City's website and left a note to the effect of just how moronic it is to have three officers engaged in comparatively useless tasks near a major intersection with a signal malfunction. *sigh*

[Posted @ 04:53 PM CST]

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