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27 November 2001


It's always flattering to get email from people who have visited the website, but last night I was particularly flattered. I don't want to name names (which explains the horrible grammar to follow), but it turns out that an outstanding scholar and columnist whose work I have long admired paid a visit to the website, as the person has noticed links to the person's columns on my site. The person took the time to send a very gracious email, and even suggested that if I were to link future columns, I might want to do so directly from the person's website, as those are permanent and some of the publications only post the articles temporarily. Great advice, and I should have thought of it already.

In any case, it made my evening. Unlike many bloggers, I don't care much about sheer numbers of visitors, but I do care about the quality of visitors and I like to think that I connect with some people, even if I never hear from them. It's especially nice to hear from people I respect.

[Posted @ 12:10 PM CST]

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