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26 November 2001

Lee Brown's America

Kabul or Houston? (~340k) Chron Endorsement of Lee Brown (~340k)

Sanchez campaign advertisement

A friend of mine received a four-page color flyer from the Orlando Sanchez campaign over the weekend. It would be an amusing advertisement if it weren't so accurate. The great city of Houston is literally crumbling under Lee Brown's bumbling "leadership" and the advertisement captures that very well. I live in Montrose, an established inner-loop neighborhood, and it is a sad but true fact that I cannot drive over 25 mph down West Alabama to Diedrich's for coffee IN MY TRUCK. The roads are literally that bad right now. And don't even get me started on the graffiti, the backlog of water and sewer repairs, the inability to budget despite record revenues, inadequate staffing levels in the fire department, exactly ONE hazardous materials team in the nation's fourth largest city, etc.

Anyway, I've reproduced the front and back pages of the advertisement. Check 'em out via the thumbnails. I should point out that the snippet reproduced from the Houston Chronicle (second image) is actually from their endorsement of Mayor Buffoon, on which I have commented previously.

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