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18 November 2001

Naps and Dreams

Sometimes, a Sunday afternoon nap is just a wonderful thing.

Callie and I enjoyed one of those today (with the added benefit that it came during another dreadful Dallas Cowboys performance), and it was quite enjoyable.

Oddly, we both had dreams about Callie's ailing father. That's really strange for me, as I do not normally have dreams about people I know. And it's interesting that we both had dreams about him.

* * * *

The FAQ page got an update today, for those who are interested in such things.

* * * *

I could not push myself to work on the dissertation much at all this weekend. Sometimes that's just how it goes. I'll probably do a little work on it tonight. I am still realistically on schedule to finish the substantive parts of it by the end of the year, though it will take a bit longer to ready the final version. It will be good to be done with that SOB.

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