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07 November 2001


My webhosting service has changed its statistical analysis software, and has also mucked around with the referrer logs. Right now, the stats package is NOT accurately picking up referrers, and I haven't gone through the logs to see if the problem is with the stats package or the log generation. Thus, if some of you have been kind enough to link to me and I haven't responded in any manner, I'm not being a snob. I'm just flying blind right now. Surely the tech support folks can help resolve the problem.

* * * *

Speaking of change: I haven't been writing much analytical stuff in the journal this week, as I've been trying to get a new PC configured and running. Earlier in the week, a fun new Compaq machine that I custom configured on their website arrived. It's the first time I've ever purchased a truly state-of-the-art machine (an Athlon XP 1700 powered beast running Win XP), as I usually prefer to go for the value in a machine that's a few steps removed from the latest and greatest. But right now, AMD and Intel are going at it so hard that processors are CHEAP, memory is as cheap as it's ever been, and manufacturers of cards and other accessories seem to be pricing the stuff to move as well. I'm sure the uncertain economic environment has something to do with it, which is not good, but it is a good time to buy. I was planning on building my own system, but just couldn't beat what Compaq was offering in terms of price/performance/time.

Overall, I really like the system and really like Win XP (though it's taking some getting used to). One feature I do not like is the "user-friendly" networking. The OS wants to auto-detect everything and set up the XP machine as well as every other machine on an existing network (damn Microsoft!), which is probably good for most folks -- but I prefer to know exactly how things are thrown together. I decided the wizard was useless when my NetBEUI home network confused the damn thing (turns out MS no longer supports that protocol -- so we did a quick rearrange of the home network). Since then, I've been installing software and moving old stuff over (there is a file transfer utility which is handy, though I recommend only using it for certain applications) and STILL am not done. I'm not complaining mind you, because I really like the new machine and OS.

* * * *

And finally on the topic of change, there is some hope that voters may indeed FIRE Mayor Brown in his runoff against Orlando Sanchez. I'll most likely post analysis on the mayoral election results and coming runoff tomorrow.

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