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05 November 2001

Houston's Leading Information Source

I sent just emailed this link to Richard Connelly, who writes the fine News Hostage column at the Houston Press. Connelly has long chronicled the misadventures and sloppy journalism of "Houston's Leading Information Source" (the arguably inaccurate if not laughable motto of the Houston Chronicle, the city's only daily paper).

Well, leave it to the Chron to run AP Wire coverage of Benjamin Netanyahu's comments while he was in Houston on Sunday. I mean, he's only the former Prime Minister of Israel and a noted expert on terrorism. Surely that can't be as important as whatever it was the Chron was covering that day. And Sundays ARE notoriously busy news days. And there IS that ongoing quest to clean up the area's road signs!

The former Prime Minister shouldn't take it personally, of course -- it's just our Chron, and nothing personal. After all, they couldn't find the resources to assign a reporter to the travails of the Central Texas Salamander either, instead running the AP wire copy.

[Posted @ 05:44 PM CST]

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