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03 November 2001

Blogging Reality Check

Here's an amusing one. I just ran across a BLOGGER who talks about STORIES his website has RUN.


BLOGGERS LINK to articles that NEWS and other CONTENT sites have RUN.

There are numerous ways to do so. One method is the bullet headline approach, which Jaffo has used as long as anyone I read (and whom I credit as inspiring my own blog). Another method is the commentary approach, which is much more prevalent and which adds value to the linked item(s); this is what most people think of as Blogs. Another method is an even more detailed commentary approach (along the lines of some of my recent journal entries or the stuff Steven Den Beste somehow finds the time to crank out). Whatever the method, it's all about gathering links and adding value to them (either in the method of presentation or the commentary or some combination). That's what we bloggers DO.

But let's not confuse what we do with RUNNING stories. For the most part, someone else has run the stories. We comment on 'em. We comment on each other's comments. Sometimes we comment on each other. And frequently enough, there is some pretty original stuff that appears on blogs. But the Associated Press or Reuters we ain't! And shouldn't be, delusions of grandeur aside!


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