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02 November 2001

Dead Broadband Connection

Time Warner/Roadrunner in Houston is apparently experiencing an outage (the "connection" light is on, but the modem cannot secure a working IP address). The tech support lines are busy (even the private backdoor line I picked up somewhere alone the way), so it's probably a MAJOR outage -- which is actually pretty rare for Houston Roadrunner.

In any case, I'm sitting in the spare bedroom on a 56k (about 48k, actually) connection, and remembering just how slow life used to be. So I'm going to hope the RR people get their problem resolved and update the weblog THEN -- and in the meantime, actually do some work on the dissertation (which is why I took the day off from work in the first place). Maybe my dissertation director has conspired with Houston RR to get me to finish the damn thing, eh? Or maybe not. :)

In any case, go hit the all of the fine blogs and other sources highlighted in the portal. And email me any interesting links you find! Happy surfing.

[Posted @ 11:18 AM CST]

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