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25 April 2001

Much to Do

It is annoying to order electronic stuff that proves to be defective. Today's example is a simple NiMH battery recharger, which I figured would come in handy for the GPS, the minidisc recorder external battery pack, and the soon-to-arrive digital camera. You wouldn't think a simple, plug in the wall recharger would have very much that could go defective. Nonetheless, the damn thing doesn't work and will have to be returned in the mail. Annoying.

On a brighter note, my large Bora 80 backpack (the replacement for the wrongly sized medium that I returned to the manufacturer what seems like ages ago) arrived today, and I spent part of the day fitting it. I have had a little bug, and actually stayed home today and will write it off on the timesheet as a sick day, so at least I accomplished something in my draggy state. Probably the large frame is actually slightly too big, but the medium frame was way too small, meaning I could not get the weight up onto my hips and off my shoulders after much time on the trail. This pack won't have that problem. I have the urge to get out to the woods, but I haven't decided where to go yet. Probably the Ouachitas, and probably soon.

Actually, I have the urge to do all sorts of things. Hanah's comments on Rousseau's Emile has put me in the mood to revisit that neglected work of political philosophy. Callie is interested as well, and we purchased her a copy tonight (I discourage her from reading my copies of books, since I take copious notes in the margins, and I don't want to bias anyone's reading of a given text). I'm also in a photographic frame of mind. I'm in the mood to break out the Pentax and actually put it through its paces, and try to move beyond the very basics of photography.

Strangely, I'm not really in the mood to do the International Festival this weekend. Earlier in the year, I was looking forward to it (lots of live music), but thinking about it tonight is doing very little for me. I think earlier in the year, I was looking forward to nicer spring weather and associating that with the festival. Now that the nice weather is here, I'm inclined towards more active pursuits (backpacking, shooting photos, etc) than simply wandering the downtown streets and passively listening to music. Maybe I'll combine the passive music with some photography. Gawd knows there should be some interesting subjects!

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