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20 April 2001

Those Clever ITPs

The ITPs at work are now using visual aids to "help" us idiots in the office. Today, they've posted flyers on all the bulletin boards in the office with a huge photo of a woman (who resembles Linda Chavez, speaking of idiots) who has a look of alarm, even panic. In a large font easily read from a distance, the text reads "I opened a virus by accident." In much smaller print directly below, the text reads: Translation: I opened a virus like you told me not to.

I am happy that virus awareness has now been raised. Now, if someone could suggest a handy visual aid for raising Grammar/Style Awareness, I'll post my own flyers!

[Posted @ 01:33 PM CST]


Kevin- reproduce the flyer exactly, except replace the "like you told me not to" line with "it's not like people are stranded on the moon!" and post yours next to the originals ;)
[Posted by Steph on 21 April 2001, 12:18 PM CST]

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