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18 April 2001

We Are Smart

I just finished watching a Star Trek-TNG rerun in which an alien ship populated by dullards managed to capture the Enterprise's chief engineer. They kept telling themselves in their dull voices, "We are smart" and "We are strong." Of course, the heroes tricked the dullards at the end, and got the chief engineer back, and the dullards announced, "We are not smart. We are not strong. They are smart." I don't know why I thought that was do damn funny, but it was. Maybe it reminded me of most of the people I work with?

Ouch, that was harsh, wasn't it? And way too easy. Anyway, the ending to the show was funny.

* * * *

The message boards are hopping with people, and "they are smart" too.

[Posted @ 11:03 PM CST]

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