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12 April 2001

Webby Stuff

I spent much of the evening fiddling around with various message board scripts. I even installed one that I really liked, save for one feature that made it unacceptable -- it requires registration for posting, and the requirement cannot be turned off. Back to the drawing board. Until I thought about it a little bit more, and decided that putting a custom message board on my own server isn't really something I need to do. Yes, many of the "free" board/stats/guestbook services are dropping those services (the provider of my last board did so about a week after I switched to ezboard), and despite some nice features, ezboard still has those annoying popups as well as slowdowns (or outright disruptions) in service. But at the end of the day, those annoyances don't really affect me all that much. The boards are nice for interaction, but they aren't critical to the purpose of the site (which is, of course, to provide a forum for me to carry on like I do!). So if ezboard goes totally to hell at some point, I have a nice, albeit imperfect, script sitting on the site already, waiting to be fully configured. That's fine for now.

Until then, a higher priority is getting the weblog ported over to GreyMatter, since Blogger is unreliable and goes down unpredictably. Besides, who knows how much longer Blogger can even be in business, since it does not generate income. The port over to GreyMatter will be simple once I decide upon one of two possible ways to go about it. Decisions, decisions.

I've done some tweaking of a site over on Diaryland. I'm really impressed by that service's ease of use. It's also possible to do some fairly neat stuff with a diaryland site, especially if one has an external site at which images, style sheets, and other stuff can be stored.

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