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08 April 2001

More Cougar Baseball

Coogs celebrate after dramatic 11th inning suicide squeeze

It's pretty much summertime in Houston, hitting 92 degrees today. Of course, I sat out watching baseball for nearly four hours at Cougar field, so parts of me (despite sunscreen) are now a nice Cougar Red as well. But it was well worth it. The game today had everything -- controversial calls (really a bad job by an umpiring crew that was excellent the prior two games), stellar defense, stellar pitching, some clutch hits, and a dramatic 11th inning suicide squeeze to win the game. The Coogs now lead C-USA by three games DESPITE fielding a team loaded with freshmen. Watching this group mature is going to be great fun. I don't think UH has ever had this much young talent before (not even last year's super group when they were all freshmen). They're already playing great defense and pitching very well. Once the hitting comes around -- which will come with maturity -- this team is going to be College World Series material. They're already fun to watch. Look out two years from now.

This was my first UH baseball series after our ridiculously cold spring (we really had no spring -- it just went from cold for Houston to summertime). Do I sound like I was in need of some baseball? JUST baseball, and not the multimedia assault of the pro game at Enron (blar!). It was good for the soul.

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