23 November 2000



This was a very unusual Thanksgiving spent away from Oklahoma for the first time.  On a conceptual level, I missed seeing my parents, my cousins, and others whom I generally only see on holidays.  On a more practical level, I missed my mom's dressing and broccoli/rice casserole!  On a sports level, I could have done without seeing the Cowboys continue to stink up the football field.

I did manage to have a chicken-fried steak that was okay, keeping in line with my pledge to have a steak instead of traditional thanksgiving fare at some point.  Then the weather turned really nasty -- tornados apparently some 20 miles north or so (where I was stuck in traffic for 2.5 hours just a couple of days ago before abandoning the thanksgiving journey) -- and I crashed for the evening.  And so thanksgiving became just another day this year.  I'm sure there's some lesson there, but I think I'd prefer just to leave it alone.

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