22 November 2000


Change in Plans

Thanksgiving travel plans got scrambled today.  Callie has come down with a nasty nasty cold, but nevertheless we took off about 1:30 pm to head to Oklahoma.  Two and a half hours later, we had moved a total of about 30 miles.  Traffic was unbelievable -- we averaged about 15 mph -- and Callie continued to get sicker as we sat in traffic not moving.  So we decided it just couldn't be done, and turned around and headed back to Houston. 

I've long joked that I'm not a big fan of thanksgiving food -- that I'd just as soon have a nicely prepared steak on thanksgiving.  This year, I'm going to have that steak I guess.  This will make the first time I've not spent thanksgiving in OK (more on that in tomorrow's journal), and that disappoints me because I don't see my parents or other family members nearly as much as I did, say, ten years ago.  I'll have to make a point of being more prepared for Xmas -- because I should have known better than to leave on Weds afternoon and even expect to get out of town on Houston's freeways under the reign of Mayor Lee Brown.

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