18 May 2000




















Wasted Time

All of my friends know that I abhor wasted time.  When one has as many projects -- intellectual and otherwise -- as I do on my to-do list, time is a very precious commodity.  I always tell myself on nights when I would just sometimes prefer to plop down on the futon instead of reading or writing or otherwise engaging my mind that I can't wase time in that manner.  Unfortunately, I cannot control the extent to which other people waste my time, and this is a problem that I need to get under control.  I spent virtually all day dealing in one manner or another with my internet provider and the organization with which they have contracted to provide my DSL service.  The installation technician came early in the morning to wire the jacks in the house, only to find out that there was no signal at the line.  My modem didn't arrive until later in the day, which I installed with no problem.  But still no signal.  So I made about 8 phone calls total to EV1 and to IP Communications attempting to determine why my DSL line was dead.  They all tried to be very helpful, but none of them were really -- although they assured me that a "priority ticket" had been opened with the technical staff, and they would have the problem resolved soon.  How soon?  No answer.  Estimated timetable?  No answer.  Can I call the technical staff myself?  No, it's not done that way.

Nonetheless, I continued to try and call and speak with someone -- anyone -- on the technical end of things because generally I can talk to those sorts of folks and get along with them, which also tends to result in my becoming a human instead of a work order, and my problem being resolved more quickly  No luck, really.  In the meantime, the installation procedure for the DSL modem had me remove all other dialup networking components, so I don't even have dialup 56k modem access on this computer now.   Luckily, I have the old computer handy, so I will just use it as my "dialup" computer until "No answer" becomes a definite time and I have my DSL connection.

In all, virtually the entire day was wasted on trying to get people who have taken my money to provide the service they agreed to provide.  Talk about a waste of time!   In addition, other things continued to break and fall apart -- also wasting my time -- which seems to be my theme this week.  Broken or non-functioning items that have wasted my time thus far this week:  stapler at work, computer at work, upper-level management at work, DSL line at home, beard trimmer, and eyeglasses.  Dealing with all of these things -- not to mention the other issues at work and elsewhere of late -- has left me very tired, and very ready for a relaxing Friday at the Icehouse with friends who don't tire me.



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