17 May 2000




Mayday Mayday

Maybe it's something in the air, because way too many of the achievers whom I know are having bad weeks (or slightly longer) related to their work.   Mine has been documented in the last few days' journal entries, but will improve tomorrow because I'm working from home so that I can let the tech people install my DSL service (yay!).  Samantha sent me an email documenting some of her frustrations.  Hanah's journal entry documents her frustrations.  Kellas's email to me documented his frustrations.  Callie just told me of her frustrations.  I suspect Friday night her mom will tell me of HER frustrations!  But it will be okay, because there will be cold beer and hotdogs being served at the Icehouse.

Still no time to read the Supreme Court decision in U.S. v. Morrison, although it seems to be a victory both FOR federalism and against the notion of a national police power -- exactly the sort of argument George Sutherland made in early police power cases, and exactly the sort of argument Oliver Wendell Holmes turned on its head in his bizarre dissent in  Lochner v. New York, leading to a Progressive revolution in constitutional law.  More thoughts on this topic soon, after I can actually read the case.  I would wager good money, however, that Sutherland will surely be cited.   We'll see!



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