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26 February 2001

Leonard Peikoff's Hair

I concluded a fairly productive day at work today by heading off to the gym afterwards... and figuring out that I had forgotten to put my shoes in my gym bag. Dumb. And the sort of thing I do all too frequently. My workouts have suffered as a result, because there is a window of until about 4:30 pm to get to the gym before parking becomes impossible. Anytime after that, and the gym is way overcrowded even if one is lucky enough to find a parking spot -- so you're screwed if you forget something. Yet another reason to avoid the gawdforsaken galleria area where I work. Unfortunately, after I've made the commute home from that damned part of town, I rarely feel like going BACK to it, so the workouts suffer. That's been the only drawback to living in Montrose.

Missing my workout almost always leads to a case of the blahs, and I'm suffering from that tonight. Could have used the extra time to do something productive, but just couldn't bother. Even the journal update is blah-sy tonight. Blar!

You non-Randian types can ignore what follows:

I did discover earlier tonight that Hugh Rodham seems to have borrowed Leonard Peikoff's hair. No doubt David Kelley is to blame, and should be banished from all things ARI. Oops, too late, he already has been.

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