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23 February 2001

Montrose Characters

I walked Kiwi around the block just a little bit earlier, and ran across an interesting character on a bike. He was a friendly enough fellow -- very friendly, actually -- but I think he may be slightly retarded in addition to suffering from multiple personalities. To the best of my memory, this was how the conversation went as I walked Kiwi along and he rode on his bike beside me:

"Is that your dog?"


"What's its name?"


"What's your name?"
"Kevin, and you?"

"Hi Kevin, I'm Steve. Have you seen Earl?"
"No, I haven't seen Earl."

"Earl is my kid. I thought you saw him earlier."
"Nope, I didn't see Earl. Sorry."

"I'm Carl."
"I'm still Kevin."

"Okay, well, I guess I'll see you around."
"Have a good day!"


[Posted @ 03:08 PM CST]


gotta love meeting freaks. they make life worthwhile! :)
[Posted by jonelin on 24 February 2001, 01:02 AM CST]

I'm not surprised at all that you met Carl/Steve/Ed Brandon. I never knew he exercised!!! It could have been worse--it could have been Mayor Brown...too hilarious!
[Posted by David on 24 February 2001, 09:04 AM CST]

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