20 October 2000


Out and About Houston

Today, my parents and I went poking around various places in Houston:  a quick tour of the Heights, lunch as Cosmos, a trip to the Nature Center and Arboretum, coffee at Diedrich's, and then the Icehouse.  It was a good gathering, actually, with lots of the people who mean quite a bit to me.  Callie's parents got to meet mine, Callie's brother Frank showed and was his normal fun self, John and Cathy showed up and I enjoyed seeing them for the first time in several weeks.  We were there a LONG time and got awfully tired because we were having such a fine time and I don't think any of us wanted to be the one to end it.  It was a good Friday by Icehouse standards, and I'm glad my parents go to see the whole Friday night production.

* * * *

I've noticed when I'm relatively busy, the weblog tends to get much more attention than the journal entries.  Hmm.


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