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Another Day In Lee Brown's America

Channel 13 has this report on their website about a gaping sinkhole.

Now, Houston has experienced a great deal of rain lately, and a sinkhole is not newsworthy in itself. But look closely at the photo. This appears to be a recently repaired patch of road, judging by the dark color of the asphalt! Indeed, the story confirms as much:

Workers had checked out a report of a low spot in the road. When they found it to be stable, they patched it.
Why would there be a low spot in the road? Most likely because WATER LEAKS ERODED THE FOUNDATION! And if a water leak is eroding the soil, just piling asphalt on it isn't going to fix the problem! Yet this sort of thing continues to happen in Public Works, and nobody is ever held accountable.

Bob Lanier had many faults, but I credit him with running a pretty good public works shop. Mayor Pothole, on the other hand, has been an absolute disaster in public works and public safety (the two things that municipal government should be focused on). Thank goodness for term limits.

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