29 November 2000

Reading:  Woodrow Wilson, Constitutional Government


Random Thoughts

I was craving a diner-style meal last night.  I must say, however, that even though I like the 59 Diner quite a bit, neither the meatloaf nor the dressing compare to my mom's.

The work process Simon describes reminds me a great deal of my own:  I blast through on whatever project I'm working until I can no longer bring my full faculties to bear, then kick back and do something relaxing.

Bill O'Reilly, like many populists, is often guilty of oversimplification, but he is right to note that Gore's antics are in part responsible for the economy taking a beating, and that the Democratic leadership isn't going to let him continue until mid-December as he says.

A wonderful idea tonight while watching traffic lined up outside my apartment from downtown because Lee Brown has decided to destroy every way of getting directly from downtown to the freeways: Certain local political activists could, at the Montrose/West Gray traffic signal, take up the tactics of those beggars one sees at street lights, with the exception that certain political activists could pass out flyers urging people to contact Lee Brown to discuss his "vision" for the city.  Hell, said activists may even pass out Candy Canes to those same poor motorists, it being the Xmas season and all.  That Cecil's Pub is nearby is just way too convenient.

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