26 November 2000


Where are the Feminists?

One would think they would be quite pleased that a strong, poised woman -- one elected statewide no less -- wound up officially presiding over the certification of the nation's next President.  One would think that, of course, until one got to the part that she was certifying a REPUBLICAN heaven forbid.  Or to the part that she actually looks FEMININE.  So much for the feminists.

In any case, Mr. Bush's historic day -- certification of the state that puts him over the top electorally -- was instead overshadowed by the appearance, within five minutes of the certification (at which a Democratic member of the board urged Gore to shut it down), of AlGore's bitch, Jo[k]e Lieberman, the sanctimonious whiny Democratic Messenger from God, for the latest on why God (err, Al) has called on them to fight on.  Whatever.

And then George Bush made one of those "deer in the headlights" appearances that sometimes unnerves those of us who are his supporters.  Nevertheless, he is the President-elect, although Mr. Gore is going to attempt to tie the thing up in the courts forever, and who knows, he may actually find enough Democratic judges who will overturn an election.  One thing is clear:  the state of Florida is a joke, a virtual banana republic.  Future generations will surely be amused at historical accounts of the first election of the 2000s.

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