19 November 2000


Great Brief and Bad Jo[k]e

Katherine Harris's office submitted its brief to the FL Supreme Court today.  It's quite an excellent brief, actually, and I highly encourage people to read it.  Of course, I'm sure most people are much too busy to acquaint themselves with the actual legal issues involved in the case.  Not that this will discourage those same people from offering (misinformed) opinions on the matter.  But that's a topic for another time.  The brief really is quite nicely done.  

* * * *

I am tired of many aspects of the election mess, but two things I am most tired of:  the NBC/MSNBC rotating/musical "Election 2000" graphical intro to every news program, and that whiny, sanctimonious, hypocritical Jo[k]e Lieberman going around and further sullying what little is left of his reputation.  Today's hypocritical laugher from Jo[k]e:  the announcement that he and Al Gore had nothing to do with any organized effort to disqualify military overseas ballots (despite circulation of a five page memo detailing the same from a lawyer close to the Gore/Daley "team") pronounced with complete innocence (all that was lacking was for him to bite his lip).  Shame on you Jo[k]e Lieberman.

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