3 November 2000

"Parental Advisory:  If your children grow up to be rotten little shits, don't blame us!"

-- Found on the inside back of the cd cover for Reckless Kelly's new release, The Day


Scattered Thoughts

Random thoughts on the Bush DUI (non)issue:  1) I don't think it is going to hurt him considering all of the circumstances, 2) the campaign should have been more forthcoming early on and it could have avoided having to deal with a distraction in what some are calling a close race, 3) It was a dirty trick pulled by the Democrats, but dirty tricks are pulled all of the time in high-stakes elections and I'm getting tired of the Bush campaign whining about it.

* * * *

I worked much of the day implementing cascading style sheets and other revisions to 8 More Miles, which is getting moved to its new host at Your-Site, the host for this website as well.  Tomorrow I need to finish my revisions and figure out Microsoft's Web Embedding Font technology.

Speaking of 8 More Miles, we were listening to the Continental Club boot today and in addition to their own material, Reckless Kelly did amazing covers of:  AC/DC, Jackson Browne, Gram Parsons, and the Police.  Too cool.

* * * *

Mr. Vaughn's Geopolitics.tv is shaping up nicely!  I owe him an op-ed on Israel.

* * * *

Abstract code for the day:  a certain person who is constantly needing bailed out ought not treat the person who bails him out badly.  I can't stand people who are leeches and live off of other people, and then have the audacity to think they're doing their helpers a favor!  For that reason, I've altered my future Friday night social schedule accordingly.  Even a non-ARI-Approved Objectivist can withdraw sanction.

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