1 November 2000

"Parental Advisory:  If your children grow up to be rotten little shits, don't blame us!"

-- Found on the inside back of the cd cover for Reckless Kelly's new release, The Day


Reckless Kelly at Cactus

Reckless Kelly made a lunchtime appearance today at Cactus music to promote their newly released CD, The Day, sans their bass player Chris "Shifty" Schelske.  Willy Braun made light of it, noting that "that's why we call him shifty," which was actually quite funny if you know anything about the guy (chances are he was hung over, or involved with some chick somewhere).  The boys wound up playing eight tunes in an acoustic style much more like the Mucky Duck shows than the fully-amped shows we've been seeing.  As usual, I wound up very impressed with guitarist David Abeyta, who has turned out to be an incredible addition to the band.  

Indeed, I was a little disappointed with the new cd when I listened to it for the first time this morning.  Callie had told me the night before that she thought it was mixed with too much bass.  My problem is that it was recorded in the studio in February-March, just before David joined the band.  They used a damn studio musician on guitar!  He did a fine enough job, except for the fact that I've been to so many shows, and listened to our boot copies afterwards, that David's style just overshadows what ANY studio musician can do.  And he's a damn nice guy to boot (a fellow Sooner fan who grew up 20 miles or so from my hometown!).  

The show motivated me to work on streamlining the process of moving our minidisc bootlegs into permanent digital format.  I think that process is all sorted now, and that I should, with any luck, be able to get all of our minidiscs into MP3 format this weekend, which will then allow us to revise the selections on the website.  

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