1 October 2000


New Guestbook

I spent much of my day uploading and configuring a nifty little perl guestbook to run on my host.  I've never manipulated perl code -- don't have a clue what I'm doing in fact -- but I managed to customize the thing to a degree.  You can see the results of my effort here.  Feel free to sign if you haven't yet.

And no, I didn't have nearly 30 signups today.  I was torn with linking to the old guestbook or just bringing in the entries with inaccurate date/time stamps.  Inaccurate date/time stamps won out.  Woo hoo!

I sound like a geek, but I've thoroughly enjoyed puttering around with the website this weekend.  I wish I had time for my next project in the near future -- installing the Phorum message board system to replace the current third-party system I'm using -- but I head out of town middle of next week for a day of business, to be followed by a week of backpacking (Callie's first trip out!), concluding with camping overnight at a music festival headlined by Reckless Kelly (details here).  Not a bad week and a half or so upcoming! 

I cannot believe it's October.  When did this happen?

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