27 September 2000


If It's Not One Thing. . .

Tonight, my upload capability has basically just died.  I'm getting 1.7Mbps download speed, and my upload speed is nonexistent -- something like 20Kbps when I'm able to upload at all, with the more frequent result being timeouts.  I had a long chat with roadrunner online tech support, and they've opened a ticket.  We all know how the infamous "open tickets" go.  This is a recent problem that has gotten much worse (obviously) tonight.  

I don't know why things can't just WORK.  I realize these things that we come to take for granted are all highly complex, but it just seems like something is always dysfunctional.  

Questions:  has technology changed the world to the extent that it's unreasonable for me to expect anything to work properly?  Should I adjust my expectations accordingly?

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