22 September 2000

Quote:  "I'm a little reckless but I don't mind fences, as long as the gate swings free"

-- Reckless Kelly


Cafe Michael Burger

Despite a late start, Callie and I made a roadtrip to Galveston today.  I loaded up dissertation materials thinking I could rent a chair and read on the beach.  Unfortunately, with the end of tourist season it seems the rentals are probably only available on weekends.  But we did go check out Galveston Island State Park, where one can camp.  Texas state parks are generally abysmal for someone who has experienced Missouri's outstanding state parks, but they do offer relatively painless access to the outdoors.  I'm probably going to do a little car camping at this one just to be able to get outdoors a little more than I have been.  And the place was fairly desolate, so I'm thinking that Thursday night camping and spending Friday on the beach and reading might just be the way to go every once in a while.

On the way home from Galveston, we stopped at Cafe Michael Burger, an old favorite that Laura turned me onto some time ago.  It's way down Seawall, well west of most of the seawall attractions.   From the outside, one can barely tell it's a cafe and that it's open.  Inside, it has this pink/blue color scheme going on, which is difficult to describe other than to say that somehow, it works.  And they make some excellent burgers!  

* * * * 

We did the usual gathering at the Icehouse -- and Callie's dad made the hotdogs tonight -- and then I did something I hadn't intended to do, which was go to the Fabulous Satellite Lounge to see Reckless Kelly.  I love that band, but I hate that venue, so I always have trouble making up my mind.  I was definitely glad I went!  They put on one of their best shows -- certainly the best I've seen at the Satellite -- and had a great time doing it.  We bailed a little early, because the crowd always gets to be a pain around 1 a.m. (read:  Aggies + Tsips + Booze = Idiocy).  But I was quite pleased we took it in.  And we dragged John out to see them and we've convinced him to see the 30 December show with us at the Duck!  We keep building the following!

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