6 September 2000

Reading:  Charles Beard, An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution


NFL 2002:  Houston Texans

Today, Bob McNair unveiled the logo and name of Houston's new NFL franchise that will begin play in 2002.  The Houston Texans are born, and their helmet logo will be the background image on this page.  I think it's pretty cool, although it reminds me quite a bit of a Miller Brewing Company advertisement that I've seen in various bars in town.  Still, it's far better than the other two finalists, Stallions and Apollos.  Now, if the organization just had a coach, stadium, players, it'd be set!  Oh well, we've waited four years, I guess we can wait two more.  And I'm a Cowboys fan, so what do I care?

* * * *

Jonni is going to host me on Blar.org!  I've just gotta get my ass in gear and get started moving things over.  It's starting to sound like a weekend project.  Still, it'll be very cool.  Thanks Jonni!

* * * *

Finally, broadband hell ended today with the installation of Time Warner/Roadrunner high speed internet service.  The techs were on time, friendly, knowledgeable, and had the thing going in no time.  And it's fast.  Faster than the DSL on its best days.  Certainly faster than the DSL most days, since the DSL was hardly ever working!  But, since I'm housesitting for a few weeks, my enjoyment of said service will be limited.  Ah well....

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