29 May 2000


Thinking:  I'm definitely back in the city.




We rolled in from the float trip this afternoon after a stay in Nacogdoches.  We had gotten a late start out of Tahlequah, and I wanted Callie to see some of the places I had gone and stayed as a child on trips with my parents to the Illinois River, so we took a drive up Highway 10 to take a peek at Hanging Rock Camp and Peyton's Place and several other places that bring back those great sorts of memories, those of happy childhood outings.  We then roadtripped down the scenic, but slow, route to the Ouachita Mountains, where I go backpacking quite a bit.  We took the scenic drive over to Mena, and then hooked up on 59 and headed towards home.  We were exhausted and it got late on us, so staying in Nacogdoches it was!  And today we're here.

And of course, here brings its own set of problems.  My DSL connection has died again.  For most of the evening, the computer wouldn't even find the modem.  Very frustrating. 

But nothing takes away from a great weekend.  I'll be retroactively updating the journal dates that are blanked out right now with Realaudio updates of things we saw and did along the way.  In all, it was a great weekend, despite a nasty amount of rain on friday night/saturday morning that swelled the river and caused several of our campers to get wet (I was annoyed because a seam leaked on my nice backpacking tent, and I got a few drops inside.  Not nice!  I suspect everyone understands now why I pitched my tent on the high ground, however!).  I like exposing people to things I value -- people, places, experiences -- although they don't always value them in the same manner or as highly.  But as Hallmark tells me on occasion, you can't force people to have a good time -- you can just bring all of the elements together and hope for the best.

I feel much closer to Callie after the trip, which I didn't think was possible.  I love how she reacted to the roadtrip and to the scenery and basically just to all of the possibilities open to those who wanted to LIVE this weekend.   She's a rare find. 

Enough for now.  Preparations for a trip to Calgary later this week await, plus a trip to London to follow that.  No rest for the weary!  As Joe Ely has been known to sing, "The road goes on forever, and the party never ends. . . ." 



Copyright (c) 2000, Kevin L. Whited