15 May 2000




Gordon Stuber

I've spent my entire day -- from roughly 7 am to 11:30 pm -- working on trying to salvage the political risk effort this time.  It was a poor effort.  Nothing more needs to be said about that.

I received an email from a young lady in Sweden who saw my Gordon Stuber Tribute Page.   It seems she just viewed the BBC documentary that featured Professor Stuber, and she was just as appalled as I was.  This young lady had worked as an au pair (nanny) in the past, and seemed as shocked as I that someone could abuse the service in the manner Stuber did.  The internet and other technological advances in communications have really made the world a small community.  If Professor Stuber really thought that he could appear in a BBC documentary without anyone in the states knowing or caring about it, he shouldn't be nearly the celebrated professor of wireless communications that he is!   I've asked the young lady if I can reproduce her email on my Tribute Page, and I hope that she will let me.

It's very strange that Mr. Stuber's Tribute Page has disappeared from almost all of the search engines.  I wonder if he threatened to sue them for linking to my little tribute page?  It's amazing how easy it is to resubmit his website to dozens of search engines, however.  It's also very easy to link Professor Stuber to my main page, which sees a fair amount of traffic and sporadic spidering by search engines.   I think Professor Stuber deserves a tribute as large as his ego, and am proud to make my own little contribution towards giving the Professor all of the fame he deserves.  



Copyright (c) 2000, Kevin L. Whited