8 May 2000




Mental Vacation

The thought struck me tonight that I have not worked on my dissertation or really read anything else since last... Wednesday.  I've taken in lots of baseball (including Enron tonight -- more below), I've messed around on the web (mainly with Zeal, nothing all that highbrow), I've hit the Icehouse, but I've not done much with my brain.  This is not good.  One of the reasons I gave up backpacking until this fall was so that I would have more time to devote to books and to writing.  Lately I've not been doing either, which is odd because usually I DO read more when housesitting.

Maybe it's just a weird combination of events in the past week.  It was the last home series of the year for the Cougars, which took up quite a bit of time.  Friday was a serious Icehouse/baseball night.  Last night Terry had Enron tickets -- except we left early because neither he nor I could take it anymore (unfortunately, the Astros think they need to appeal to the restless NBA crowd who like all sorts of blaring rap constantly, so that there is no baseball atmosphere at all in a park that was built to retro specs!  Funny, really).  But early is only a relative term in Houston, when one considers the time spent driving.  By the time I finished with the pets at my housesitting gig, it was time to crash.

Tonight, I need to hit the Strauss and Zuckert books.  The dissertation WILL be done this fall, as it is getting in the way of things I want to do and cutting down on possibilities.


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