3 May 2000




Viscount de Valmont

What a splendidly spontaneous evening!

I managed to get through a fairly intense workout -- dragging a bit -- and resolved to be lazy tonight, to play on the web a bit, add a few links in Zeal, and generally ignore the dissertation for the evening.  It was just a fine plan!   And then I got chatting on irc with that one nameless friend of mine whom I mention too often as I was listening to the Dangerous Liaisons soundtrack.  The Boys from 308 know very well that this particular soundtrack signifies adventure -- and so it was time to make a trek across town for coffee and conversation. 

The conversation was lovely, as they have been so far.  More interesting is the ways in which we are alike.  There's mischief.  Playfulness.  Sense of life.   Callie says of a friend of mine at work that she encourages me to... well, do whatever it is that I do that causes her to say this!  Amplify that, and add interactive effects (is that a wonderful Jim Gibson Political Science 6380 Quantitative Methods term or what?!) and you get an interesting mix.

And to continue a conversation that was begun but then veered off into Purple Oxygen and many other fascinating asides -- I suspect the problem of the contemporary American political regime has something to do with the old question in political philosophy of natural right and history.  Fodder for next week!


Copyright (c) 2000, Kevin L. Whited