31 Mar 2000


Travel Day

Long day!  Another good sales call this morning -- which makes 4 good sales calls of 4 for the week, plus the workshop effort -- and I was off early to Lake Texoma, to make up for a LONG week. 

The trip to Texoma took FOREVER.  Traffic was unbelievable.  Indeed, traffic just drove home the fact that I needed to go the the country.  However, I had not FORGOTTEN the fact.  Because we were tired, the trip wasn't the style I like -- the leisurely "Tom Bodett's American Journeys" type of wandering along backroads and taking in local color.  Indeed, the thought of the woods and a nice quiet cabin kept us cruising.

We finally rolled in, dropped off our stuff in the cabin, and had a brief visit.   Then it was off to bed.  The week with Graham in town just exhausted me.   It was a highly successful and necessary week professionally, but also a tiring one, both physically and, more importantly, mentally.  But in its own way, it was also invigorating.  Bright people who are close friends tend to BE invigorating.

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