29 Mar 2000


Political Risk Workshop:  Success

The political risk workshop was a smashing success.  We learned some things from current clients.  They embraced some of our proposed changes.  The current clients served as the best motivation for the potential clients to buy the product that one could hope for.  In all, the day went completely according to plan:  the successful culmination of a good deal of planning, a lot of solid analysis, a group of people who are talented, smart, trust each other completely, and consequently work together seamlessly (Hallmark, Kellas, and myself), and good, thoughtful, smart attendees.  It couldn't have "gone" any better, although if I could change one thing about it, it would be that our clients in the CIA would have been able to be there.

So, tonight is a celebratory dinner at Spanish Village!  Hence, an early entry in the journal, as the margaritas do sometimes take their toll....

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