27 Mar 2000


Brain Sex

Today was a marvelous day.  Graham and I paid a sales/support call on Anadarko, and it went extremely well.  They nailed us with all sorts of questions, but ultimately it gave us -- Graham particularly -- the opportunity to shine.   All sales calls should go as well!

I'm not quite sure what to think of the discussion on the message boards about ME and about Camille, but I guess that's what the message boards are for -- whatever people want to talk about.  I'm sort of with Camille though in not being quite sure what point my mom was making.  I think it was a good point, as she likes what she knows of eelee.     

Haven't had an opportunity really to respond to John's post, though I don't think I'm necessarily in disagreement.  I skimmed a book a while back, Brain Sex, that I need to reread, as I think it sheds light on many issues of gender and sexuality.

Celebratory drinks, dinner, and more drinks tonight will probably take their toll.   However, conversing with bright people to celebrate a successful day is not a bad close to the day at all.

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