26 Mar 2000



Well, this weekend was not productive at all in terms of dissertation.  I didn't feel well today and wound up not going to see baseball or writing on the damn chapter.   Frustrating.  At least I'm back home now.  But it seems along the way I've lost some things where I was housesitting, including my day planner.  Lovely.   It's wonderful to be so organized.

A nice conversation with Callie -- who was having a bit of a bad day -- earlier.   She's one of the few people who recognizes my virtues, lives by them herself, and does not seem capable of betraying them.  It's so easy to name off a list of people who have betrayed them, which is one of the things that makes her so special.   If' she's reading this, she's embarrassed.  She shouldn't be.  It's true.

I know more people than most, I think, who don't betray life.  Many of them have signed my guestbook here.  Some have not.  They're a quality bunch, and they make it easier -- even necessary -- quickly to rid myself of people who don't measure up to my standards, or their standards.  The several people who have gotten what I call "the purge" (for which I've adopted a theme song:  Reckless Kelly's "Don't Come Back" -- the actual lyrics aren't entirely appropriate, but the spirit of the song is) -- AP, JA, TR, MN -- really are unfortunate, because they're all cases of what might have been, but weren't. 

This is enough for tonight.  I'm tired.

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