25 Mar 2000


Half-Price Books

I slept in today quite late.  In fact, I didn't get my morning coffee until there was barely any morning left!  I got Mencken and Oxford fed and taken care of, and took a journey to Half-Price Books, a place I hadn't gone in quite a little while.  I never know what I'm going to find at Half-Price books.  This time, I found several Nathaniel Branden books on self-esteem, some interesting financial sorts of books, a hard-to-find copy of Night of January 16th for Graham (he is a thespian and also does some directing on the side, and I'd love to see him produce this one in London sometime!), and a few health/fitness-oriented books.  It's always fun to come home with a sack of books (okay, two sacks) after a successful journey to the used books stores.  That's why one should not go very often!

I've read most of the afternoon and soaked in a beautiful weekend.  So I decided to skip baseball tonight and actually work on the dissertation a bit.  Off I go....

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