24 Mar 2000


Cougar Baseball

What a day!  The workouts this week left me dragging.  I intended to get out of work early and instead wound up staying late chasing client visits for Graham (who arrives in town Saturday.  Yay!), doing support work, doing internal PEPS demos, and everything BUT political risk analysis.  We are behind.  Then again, it seems I’m always behind.  I think that’s called pushing one’s self. 

Took in UH Cougar baseball.  They were pathetic.  After a great first inning, ace Kyle Crowell didn’t have anything.  The defense was shoddy.  Overall play was poor (missing cutoff men in particular and giving up extra bases).  The hitting was poor – no selection at all at the plate.  In all, not what one expects from the current #5 team or ANY Rayner Noble coached team.  But, there’s a postscript.  It turns out that Rayner was home in California with his family, as his dad had passed away.  And Jason Pekar, an outfielder/pitcher, had just been to his grandmother’s funeral earlier in the day.  I feel a little bad that I left the game early because they were playing with no fire or intensity, but I didn’t know WHY at the time.  I hope Saturday they suck it up and play like they can against Tulane. 

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