22 Mar 2000


Unfortunate, but Necessary, Tasks

Tonight was not a terribly exciting evening, as I spent the evening putting together a web page that is unfortunate, but necessary in my opinion.  The page itself tells the story.  I have little to add.  It's one of those crusades worthy of the 308 Voice or the Bear Review.  By attempting to snuff free speech, Professor Stuber wound up with an unpaid (and most likely unappreciated!) publicist.  I suspect he won't want me as a publicist once his shrine starts turning up on search engines.  *shrug*

I said it's unfortunate, however, because it took a couple of hours to pull the thing together.  It's been overdue, but I've been dreading losing those two hours that could have been spent more productively.  But tonight seemed like a good night.  The workout drained me, I was up late last night talking, and just wasn't in the same zone that I have been for the past week or so.  So, best to knock out a nagging, unfortunate little project in this state and get revved up to go tomorrow.  I think I shall bang out some dissertation writing after work and workout tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I start a housesitting gig.  So the journal entries may be less frequent.  Or not.  We'll see.

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