21 Mar 2000


The Zone

Part One

I just arrived home from another outstanding workout.   Indeed, I'm in quite a zone right now.  I feel great, mentally and physically, my workouts are going extremely well (indeed, I noticed on the Netpulse bike log today that I've now gone to the gym more times in March than I have in any month since October, which is good), and my diet has left me feeling great.  But I think more than anything, taking up serious work on the dissertation again -- as well as other intellectual endeavors -- has also helped put me in the zone. 

Basically, I'm happy.  I'm achieving my values, and I'm self-observant enough to realize it!  Of course, there's always more to be done.   The great thing is, when I'm in a zone like this, I just keep adding to the "to-do" list.  There's work to be done, and that's what I'm here for!   I'm reminded of Dr. Lence, one of my dissertation committee members, who once asked me, "But what do you do for FUN?!"  I thought it an odd question at the time.  I still do.  This IS fun.


Part Two

In my Objectivism Projects section, I mention that one of the projects I have in mind is to examine critically the assumptions underlying Rand's esthetics.  I was surfing the web while riding the netpulse bike at the gym tonight, and found an excellent article, entitled "Music and Perceptual Cognition" on The Daily Objectivist website.  It originally appeared in The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies.  I only read the first two parts before finishing my workout, but it appears to do for music much more thoroughly what I had in mind for Rand's esthetics as a whole, and probably better than I could have done.  Excellent reading.  Prior to that, I had read some of David Kelley's work on epistemology.  No doubt this probably scared off the "Gym as Social Club" types who go around the gym looking to "meet people."   Hell, it probably scared off most anyone who happened to notice!

Time for dinner, but these thoughts needed to be recorded.


Part Three

This has been a frustrating evening.  I found a Nietzsche paper that I had lost when my hard drive crashed a couple of years ago on a floppy disk full of all sorts of old goodies.  Most of the old goodies I had found in various places and restored.   So of course, the one directory on the floppy that was corrupted was the one containing my file.  I got about 90% of it restored, but it just wasn't worth the effort (corrupted footnotes and all kinds of stuff).  Fortunately, I do have a hardcopy -- in Oklahoma -- so I guess I will retype it at some point.  Ugh!  My response was to toss virtually every floppy disk in the apartment.  If it's not on ZIP disk now, it's toast.  However, I'm still in my zone.  Just short of the several hours I had planned on using to do some work tonight. 

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