20 Mar 2000


Scholars, Dollars, and Purple Oxygen

I had an excellent workout today!  Traffic home was virtually non-existent at 5:30.  And I added a Message Board to the website with no difficulty at all, marking the return of the Purple Oxygen Society!  

Funny, that last bit.  A couple of weeks ago I was telling my friend Samantha the story of Clarence inadvertently sleeping in the same bed with Dr. Weeks after rather a long night of discussion.  John has resurrected the spirit of The 308 Voice on his website.   Tom belts out fairly humorous fare to the listserv with some regularity.  Micah leaves long philosophical messages on my answering machine.  And every once in a while, I make people here look at me funny with a "scholahhs and dollahhs" reference. What a compelling bunch of people we are!  Even the ones who have NOT yet signed my guestbook.   :)

That's all for tonight.  Just a short happy note celebrating some of the quality people I call my friends.  The theme for 2000 IS quality, after all!

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