17 Mar 2000


Al Gore's Internet

Earlier, I was looking back over the first few journal entries, and realizing that I had not had any major integrations of knowledge today -- no comparisons of foreign countries and anarcho-capitalism, no condemnations of the esthetic taste of the local press (though it remains awful).  Indeed, I became convinced tonight's journal entry was not going to be terribly interesting, but rather what most journals are -- reflections on a fairly ordinary day.

But no day should be ordinary.  And today was not.  Indeed, it was rather an extraordinary day for technology, in the form of the internet.  Today, I received email from my dear friend Camille, who is often bothered by the fact that most people aren't the sorts of people we would like them to be.  I received an intellectual/business proposition of sorts from a complete stranger via email -- and within half an hour was able to conclude that Shirley is a like thinker with an additional quality: a penchant for marketing ideas.  My friend R left a message in my guestbook that brought back fond memories.  And another complete stranger doing geneaological research looked me up on ICQ -- and mentioned that she had gotten bogged down in the Ayn Rand section of my website. 

Camille's email made me smile.  More important than the detailed description of her last backpacking trip -- her first solo effort (yay Camille!), in the rugged Ouachita Mountains that we both love -- Camille wrote of two friends that she had drifted apart from over time getting back in touch with her (Score another one for the internet!).   Not only this, but these people seem to have taken great strides towards becoming the people they SHOULD be.  Part of the reason I suspect there was a gulf -- this is pure speculation -- is that Camille herself over the past couple of years has made a fairly amazing journey towards becoming the person she's always had the potential to be, save for a few bad premises she's discarded.  When one finally puts it all together philosophically and pyschologically and the world becomes crystal-clear, it can frustrate one that others aren't able to see it so clearly.  I think this sometimes eats at Camille, as it does all of us at times.  That's why it's so nice to hear from Camille that a simple email has facilitated the discovery that her friends have indeed rejoined her world, so to say.

And so, score one today for "Al Gore's" internet (be sure and inject plenty of dripping sarcasm in the quoted phrase).  

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