14 Mar 2000



Welcome to my online journal.  Or should I say welcome to my mind? 

I decided to put together an online journal for a number of reasons.  First, I find myself intrigued by people who have engaged in "soft" exhibitionism on the net.  That is to say, I find myself reading other people's online journals, guestbooks, etc.  And recently, my friend Andrew sent an email with an "oh by the way" reference to his girlfriend Anarchista's website.  Now, Andrew being one of the brightest people I know, I had to take a peek at Anarchista's site.  What he did not mention is that she is a webcam pioneer -- recently they traveled to New York and taped a segment on Ricki Lake devoted to the webcam "phenomena" (I don't much like that word -- hence the quotes).  Her public cam is a censored affair -- nothing all that juicy ("juicy" not being an interest to me anyway).  But, I find myself occasionally pulling up the site to take a peek at what she and Andrew are up to.  I can't really say I'm a fan of other webcams -- the only other site I've ever visited is the San Diego Zoo Pandacam -- so perhaps just knowing them personally makes the difference.

I have, as I wrote previously, found myself over time looking at journals, guestbooks, and the like on websites of people I judge to be fairly bright.  Lately I've decided I'd like to be a producer of the same, rather than simply a consumer.   Which brings me to reason #2 (you thought I forgot?):  I never seem to have the discipline to keep a regular journal other than when I travel.  This is frustrating, as I generally have lots of interesting ideas through a day, and they should be recorded somewhere!  So this is my form of exhibitionism.  I have no desire to have a camera in my apartment recording my activities -- but I am interested in putting forth my ideas -- both for my own clarification and storage -- as well as feedback from anyone who happens to wander into them.

I'm not sure how regular the entries will be -- daily, or what have you.  But we'll see as the thing evolves!

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