On elliptical trainers, Bill James, science, and expertise

At the end of last year, my recumbent bike died, so my cardio workouts now tend to come exclusively via elliptical (ideally, five times per week).

Previously, some of those 150 minutes of cardio were consumed by reading on the recumbent bike, but I can’t really read on the elliptical (I envy those who can).

So I’ve begun filling some of that otherwise mindless time with podcasts. Two favorites are Jonah Goldberg’s Remnant and Russ Roberts’s EconTalk podcasts.

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Happy (belated) 2018!

So, I kind of missed my annual/placeholder Happy New Year post this time around…

And really, that’s the kind of year 2017 turned out to be. Not catastrophic (friends, family, and pets were healthy and happy, for the most part, and we were spared the devastation so many faced and are still facing as a result of Hurricane Harvey flooding), but also not the greatest year on record, and nothing quite on time or completely as expected (like, say, 50

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