Happy 2016

Well well, one blog post for 2015 (the annual placeholder)?

I guess that’s just more confirmation that (indie) blogging is largely dead.

Real life and work life continue to be busy (and good, for the most part), and blogging just isn’t the creative outlet that it once was for me. I can’t imagine taking the time to “post” several daily news blockquotes accompanied by pithy/inane (take your pick) comment (“I’m not sure what I think yet, stay tuned” and the like), or finding that at all satisfying, but hey, different strokes and all.

Maybe I’ll start posting some of the links/commentary that wind up on pinboard/twitter here occasionally. But if 2015 was any indicator, probably not. 🙂

Anyway, best wishes to anyone who might see this for a happy and fulfilling new year. Maybe I’ll catch you in real life instead of in the blog comments!