Happy 2015

Since the blog is (nominally) still open, it’s time for that annual post in which I wish those who still occasionally drop by a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

2014 was mostly a good year. There were new challenges and evolving (but welcome) responsibilities at work, and that created some stress at times, but it also taught me a lot about how to deal with people, work towards common goals, and to lead by example (and that sometimes means jumping into stuff that nobody else wants to do, or that some feel is beneath them); I’m also working with a great bunch of people in the new group I’m helping to lead, and that’s really nice! Some opportunities outside work emerged, and that’s also led to some new collaborative relationships that I have grown to value. And we’ve had a good year of quality time with family and friends (with a few turds finding their way into the mix, unfortunately—but it’s also been a learning experience of refusing to get caught up in the negative, and trying to focus on the positive, because time is scarce, and negativity just wastes it). Our family time has been especially rewarding this year.

We were happy to conclude 2014 with another huge Christmas celebration at the house (I think we topped 20 friends and family members this year – I lost count). We also hosted friends and family for any number of other events, and created some good memories. All good! And despite her health issues, Kiwi keeps plugging away, and Jefe continues to provide nearly nonstop entertainment.

Outside of Houston, we pulled off another successful Float Trip (another of our gatherings of friends/family that just keeps growing), a Ouachitas cabin outing with friends, and a few trips to Okiehoma to see friends and family. And I logged around 75,000 miles of butt-in-seat airline miles – the travel game is still on with United/Star Alliance for next year, even though it is evolving. 2015 looks to be Asia-heavy, with new Asian carriers continuing to move in to Houston and United trying to maintain their market share there. So we look to be seeing some new places this year!

I found myself in the hospital in early December, as olecranon bursitis of unknown origin (no injury that I recall) went septic, requiring IV antibiotics. That was inconvenient, to say the least, and fairly serious (to say more). That unplanned stay of three nights cancelled a planned trip to Israel (postponed three times now), but the folks at Memorial Hermann Memorial City took great care of me, for which I’m very thankful.

We lost my friend Scott Chaffin early in 2014. I miss him. And I’m sad that he couldn’t see our Cowboys play their best December in forever at the end of 2014, and for Tony Romo to play one of the best Decembers any NFL quarterback has ever played (TFG never hesitated to remind me Romo was worthless every time I halfway got excited about his potential way back when, and I can imagine TFG telling me not to get my hopes up about the playoffs). I really miss him.

So, on to the usual disclaimers — I rather doubt blogging will be all that much heavier here than it was last year, thanks to work, play, travel, and real-life interaction with friends/family. And yeah, sometimes it’s just a lot easier to post to twitter or facebook (plus blogHOUSTON is an animal that likes to be fed from time to time). But here’s hoping that if you’ve made it this far through the post, we manage to have some meaningful interaction in the near future.

Here’s to a super 2015!

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