United: The gang that can’t shoot straight

To say that Jeff Smisek’s tenure as CEO of the combined United/Continental airlines has been dismal is probably something of an understatement at this point. In so many ways, he’s taken two airlines that were better separately and made the combined entity worse. Much worse.

So the reporting of ongoing failures is hardly surprising. But in some ways, this tweet from @United sort of summed up the current degree of FAIL at the airline:

United Twitter promotion gets a couple of things wrong

So, there are a couple of problems here.

1) Note the team logo. That’s not the logo of the “home team” — that’s the logo of the Washington Nationals. There IS a United hub in Washington, but that’s not what this tweet was supposed to be about.

2) Cleveland was a Continental hub, but was the perfect candidate for the chopping block when the merger was announced, and is in the process of being de-hubbed. So people there are probably not that enthusiastic about the “home team” airline that can’t even get the team’s logo right.

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  • United has since deleted and re-posted a corrected tweet.

    The screenshot tells the story, though.

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